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Why I left Christianity?

The answer to ''Why I left Christianity?'' differs from one person to another.

There could be many reasons why someone might leave Christianity. Everyone's experience and journey is different and personal. Some common reasons that people may leave Christianity include:

  1. Lack of faith or belief: Some people may find that they no longer believe in the teachings and doctrines of Christianity, and thus decide to leave the religion.

  2. Disagreement with certain aspects of the religion: Some people may disagree with certain aspects of Christianity, such as its views on certain social issues or its interpretation of certain biblical texts.

  3. Personal experiences: Some people may have had bad experiences with the Church or with Christians, which may have caused them to question their faith.

  4. Exposure to other religions or belief systems: Some people may be exposed to other religions or belief systems that they find more appealing and may decide to leave Christianity.

  5. Intellectual reasons : Some people may find that their intellectual curiosity and reasoning led them to question the belief and decided to leave the faith.

It's important to note that Jesus did not preach and promoted any religion instead He brought mankind closer to God. Christianity is about having a personal relationship with Christ Jesus.

So if anyone decides to leave Christianity means they are separating themselves from Jesus Christ. In other words separation from Jesus means death because He is the only way, only truth and the only life which you and I need to live.

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