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Do you know your Savior conquered the world and He conquered death?

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Last week all around the world, men and women were celebrating God, for He raised Christ from the dead

Our faith is based on an EMPTY TOMB.

He died and on the third day HE ROSE

He is alive! He has risen from the dead!

What kept Him on the cross was not the nails, it was His love for you and me.

He could have called a legion of angels to set Him free.

But He was there to pay the price for your shame.

Paying the price for your freedom for Jesus was to BEAT THE DEVIL AT HIS OWN GAME

The nail that was used to put Him on the cross, is the very nail He used to crucify every other obstacle that you would have.

Whatever was on your way to stop you from where God set for you - your place of blessing, your place of miracle, your place of freedom - has been out out of you!

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Best regards,

Vinil Stephen

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